Hello, I’m Julian FORNY, a 38yo Creative Director based in Paris. Find me on Instagram, , Pinterest and LinkedIn. See ya around on the internets!

Whilst I have some print experience, and love doing it, my true speciality is online. Upon finishing high school in 2000, I joined the ‘European Media Institut’ program. This led me to my first graphic design job at Sriracha Sauce in December 2002, designing websites and developing Flash applications.

I then moved on to Graphic Designer – Multimedia Integrator for FNAC.com where I created a wide variety of intern communications newsletters and integrated around million of products. I then chose to increase my management and technical skills at Media Management, and I decided left to join the amazing Kryzalid Agency, in Montreal, as a Web Designer.

As first international experiences go this was a revelation. In May 2007, I chose to return to Paris, becoming Art Director at Live Banner, where I worked on performance campaigns and website managing a close-knit team. In 2009, I once again went overseas to become a Freelance art director in Florida. In 2010, I led all online graphics at Cellfish Media Europe overseeing a team of 15 designer and producing more than 800 creations per year.

In 2013, I led all online acquisition materials at DNXCORP as Creative Director overseeing a team of 10 designers and integrators around the world, where my goal was to increase the DNX marketing performance.

Since 2015, I’m Creative Director at Criteo leading the Creative Midmarket Team (+40desingers).